As a born and raised Phoenician, I have found myself spoiled by the unending beauty and landscapes in Arizona. whether it be the skyline painted by the amazing desert sunset, the seas of saguaro cacti, the red rocks of Sedona, the word famous Grand Canyon, the snowy San Francisco Peaks, or magical forests of Flagstaff, I have found myself in a photographer's paradise.

Five years ago, my husband and i moved our little family to Flagstaff, Arizona to raise our children in a small-town environment privy to the four seasons, Prior to marriage and starting a family I spent my early 20's exploring my place in life and practically lived in the darkroom developing photos. I've loved, I've lost, I've traveled, I've managed a wine bar, I've taught creative drama to kids, I've attended college for photography and psychology, I've studied cheese mongering in New York city, I've walked on the wild side, I've danced naked in the rain, and I will stop before I say too much...I take pride in being a hopeless romantic, old fashioned kind of gal, a true friend, and a social butterfly. Capturing life's beauty through the lens of my camera allows me to fulfill my passion, while making a living. For the photog buffs out there...I am a lover of Canon and shoot film for hobby whenever possible. My dream is to build my very own darkroom in my home.